Young Tender

MEEP, Música En El Patio (Music In the Patio), put on a stellar show just two hours away from Los Angeles. Tijuana, Mexico had the pleasure of having Young Tender for the first time, playing along great acts such as Los BlendersPolicias y Ladrones, and Entre Desiertos. The night was a flux of diverse sounds raging from indie dance to punk music taking place at a established venue in Tijuana called Mous Tache Bar. 

Young Tender are a group from Monterrey, Mexico where the music scene in itself is marking it’s place and looking to be heard. The group was formed in 2012 and later released their first EP in 2015 called “Massachusetts“, indie-dance music with hints of 80’s nostalgia. Each track in the EP evoked their pontential to make great music as their keyboarist, Chris, told us in a brief interview after the show. “In the beginning, the influences we had drove us to make songs in English. I think that at first it seemed a bit silly because I don’t know, it was a bit easy. But we also were listening to music in Spanish that opened our heads to understand that we can also make cool things in our language”.

Young Tender are currently looking to release a full-length album this year after postive responses from their most recent EP “Necios” that was released in 2016. The sounds of Necios comparing to Massuchussets are much bigger, fuller, and polished. Necios was the album in which the group experimented with more sounds and added more production, trying to strive for a higher place musically. The songs are fun, dancey, but often deal with heartbreak. We can’t wait for more music from this group.