Jacks Haupt Debuts Her Music Video for “3am”

Up and coming Texas native, Jacks Haupt, has debuted the greatly anticipated music video for her single 3am. Her single is part of her second 2020 EP called 1973 which features 3 am alongside California Dreamin’, That 70s Show and That 70s Show ft. Isaiahh!. After garnering 31.2k streams on Soundcloud and over 181K on Spotify, 3am is the first, and only, from 1973 to have an official music video release.

3am details a morningtide rendezvous with her date. Her sultry voice compliments the grace in which she tells of the trials and tribulations of a bad boy who loves her. In Spanglish prose, she sings as she rides around in a convertible, top-down, with her presumed lover.