Wet Baes Releases Cosmovidencias 03, a love for galactic exploration

Written by: Jennifer Sanchez

Andrés Jaime, the 23-year-old DIY producer from Mexico City behind “Wet Baes,” is back with another installment of Cosmovidencias. Composed of 5 songs, including the single “Ya No,” Cosmovidencias 03 pairs nicely with the two double singles the preceded it. The EP embraces the musician’s love for galactic exploration and his affinity for the 70s and 80s music.

Jam-packed with various instruments, a range of texture in melodies, along with a mixture of atmospheric effects, Wet Baes composed a project that takes you on a musical journey that elevates you to another dimension. The transition between songs alone is a journey within itself. At the end of the first track, “Órbita,” for example, the synth remains constant and builds to resemble the sound of a siren. Then, it seamlessly transitions to the following track, “¿No Lo Ves?”, which begins with hypnotic percussion sounds that pair nicely with the artist’s voice. The clear neo-jazz and classic rock influence resemble that of a sci-fi film score.

With the release of his new EP, Wet Baes continues to show his talent for producing, arranging and composing at such a young age. With Cosmovidencias 03, he builds a dreamscape that takes you on a journey that’s truly out of this world.

Listen to ‘Cosmovidencias 03’ below:

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