Vanessa Zamora’s Newest Single “AYER” Confronts Her Emotions and Reminisces About A Love That Is No Longer Hers

Written by: Jennifer Sanchez

The Mexican singer-songwriter and producer channels psychedelic pop and blends her velvety voice with jazzy undertones to create a soulful song that encapsulates the emptiness of a lost love. Right from the beginning, she sets the nostalgic tone tinged with longing, singing, “Ayer pensaba que podríamos escapar,” which translates to, “Yesterday I thought that we could escape.” She takes an inward look and finds herself stuck in a present where she’s not with her lover. 

Photo by: Fer Casillas

In the chorus she traps herself in a reflective endless loop reminding herself that the past is unattainable, singing, “Porque estas con ella,” which translates to mean, “Because you’re with her.” She asks herself why she wakes up without her lover there right next to her and then soon after reveals that it’s because they’re with someone new.

Photo by: Fer Casillas

This track follows the release of her single “PSILOCIBINA” which shares similar pop and eclectic influences but instead spreads the message of a need for a shift in perspective to achieve bliss. Still, both songs share intimate moments of introspection and discovery for Zamora.

Read our interview with Vanessa below:

We’re loving your new single “AYER”. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Thank you. AYER is about the ephemeral longing to be with someone with whom you connect deeply, and even feel a past life connection, but for many reasons, we couldn’t be together.

Was this single something you were cooking up during the pandemic? If so, where did you get your inspiration from?

We started making this song in Mexico City before the pandemic. Dan Solo (the producer), we like to hang out and make music just for the fun of it. And one day he showed me this track, and I took it home and dropped a melody and some lyrics and that’s how AYER was born. The song got finished during the pandemic, sending files between Dan and me.

Can you describe your writing process for us during this strange time? What are some things you’ve been doing to keep the creative energy flowing?

There are so many feelings and emotions, I have so much inspiration. So much to talk about, so much to share. I gonna make music that really makes a difference, that really leaves something positive in the mind. To have a more clear purpose and be more honest and transparent with my emotions. A lot of music to come. A lot of topics to talk about.

You recently collaborated with artists such as Sabino and Jona Camacho. Can we expect any more collaborations coming soon?

Yes. Lots of collabs coming soon. With an incredible artist from Chile named Benjamin Walker and more, more, more. Stay tuned.

Has there been anything surprising about people’s reactions to your new releases? Have they responded to certain songs in a way you didn’t expect in the past?

I’m always looking for evolution. My music is evolving constantly with me. I think the essence is what makes it a whole piece, the genre is just the mood and the direction. But I like getting reactions of my fans not expecting what is coming next.

What does the rest of 2020 look like for you? Anymore live stream shows? New Releases? Ep or Album?

There is lots of music to come, live stream shows, and also lots of recording and music-making to be released 2021.

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