The Marías Invigorate Listeners With Their New Single, ‘bop it up!’

After much anticipation from fans, The Marías dropped their new single, ‘bop it up!’ following their recent release ‘Care For You’. ‘bop it up!’ is unlike any project the band has put out before. The chilling background synths bring out a power we hadn’t heard from past projects. Although their signature tenderness is still recognizable, listeners will discover a newfound sense of invigoration.

With their new single, listeners are able to hear, feel, and see the depth of their inspiration. According to María, “‘bop it up!’ is me trying not to care and to just overcome my insecurities.” The music video for ‘bop it up!’ features María as a cartoon protagonist battling against different manifestations of the same feeling of self-doubt. In the last scenes, she is finally able to ward off the different versions of insecurity by unleashing a light that existed within her. It’s this powerful moment that is encapsulated in ‘bop it up!’. The Marías confirmed that although neither of their new songs will be on their upcoming album, they will get their own vinyl release.