Katzù Oso

Órale Mag:  Talk a little about your experience tonight, especially opening up for some greats artists like Tyler The Creator, Brockhampton, and others.

Katzù Oso:  It was surreal. To be honest, I have never experienced anything like that. Like, I am not used to playing big shows or shows in general. I’ve only played 7 shows in total so it was really exciting.

Órale Mag: Who were you most excited to see tonight? And what was going through your head when you received the news about joining the bill?

Katzù Oso: I was excited to see Brockhampton. I have been listening to Saturation III since it dropped, like every day. Saturation III is one of my favorites. When I found out, I went ape shit! I was tripping out. It was exciting to be on the bill.

Órale Mag: You recently released a single called “Cherry Love”. Anything in the works for Katzu Oso in the upcoming year?

Katzù Oso: I have a big project releasing next year under Counter Culture. I don’t have a release date, but it’s coming next year for sure. I’m playing the continental room with Indigo State next month.

Órale Mag: What is the one thing, musically, you’ll remember about 2017?

Katzù Oso: Honestly, this whole adventure that we are on. Just playing shows, making music – it’s exciting.