Katzù Oso Covers ‘More Than A Woman’ By The Bee Gees

Written by: Byron Gonzalez

Paul Hernandez is no stranger to the rhythms, hypnotic beats, and energy of the disco era, disco ball and all. Katzù Oso’s latest EP, Colour is up to the brim with the groovy attitude of the 70s’ layered with the modern sounds of synth-pop crafted in his do-it-yourself, Los Angeles bedroom studio.

A few months since the release of Colour, in partnership with Los Angeles based guitar brand Orangewood, the dream-pop, solo artist brings you his rendition/tribute de una canción completamente romántica de los Bee Gees’ llamada “More Than A Woman.”

Throughout Katzù Oso’s music, he has this tendency to let his 70s’ and 80s’ influences boogie on through in his music, and on top of that, romantic lyrics are his forte, so does it come as a surprise when he decided to cover a Bee Gees’ song? Perhaps at first mention, as with any news, there’s a slight tinge of surprise, but once the facts settle in, it starts to feel like a natural choice and why didn’t it happen sooner.

This acoustic, bedroom version of “More Than A Woman,” evokes feelings of nostalgia, an urge for sweater weather to arrive, the sensation of lucid dreaming, and the subtle need to boogie. This is not the first time Katzù Oso has performed a cover song, he’s done quite a few. In an era not long ago, when live shows happened frequently, Katzo Oso was known for surprising his fans with cover songs during his sets every once in a while.

During a quarantine Instagram livestream, he played a cover of “Limon Y Sal,” from Mexican pop-star, Julieta Venegas. El también hizo un cover de “Me Voy” de Julieta Venegas para el YouTube Channel, Home of Chad. “More Than A Woman,” marks his first official recorded cover song.

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