Jintana & Emeralds collab with Los Retros on “Love Again”

Written by: Vanessa Castelan

From across the pacific ocean, the Tokyo-based Jintana & Emeralds reached out to SoCal-based Los Retros to feature on their new single. The J-pop band is branded by its blend of oldies and Japanese experimental ambient music. Los Retros takes a similar tone to their music being inspired by oldies and soft rock groups from the 70s/80s like the Chilean band, Los Angeles Negros.

Jintana & Emeralds

Amidst the pandemic, Jintana & Emeralds were compelled to reach out and remotely collaborate on a love song that reflected the same distance felt by many people given the social distancing mandates. They said, “Under the pandemic, we were separated. But it inspires us to collaborate with artists who are dedicated to the same nostalgic flavor on this earth.” Los Retros share the same sentiments saying,

“'[I]t was an honor to work with Jintana & Emeralds on an oldie-driven song. Music aside, it was also an honor to work with older people from another region.”

Photo by: Ross Harris

With their shared love for an old sound, they have released “Love Again.” The duet single’s official music video, created by Mexican director Fernando Cattori, went above and beyond with genuinely capturing the concept. He took the movie of a couple who do social dance separately around the old Mexican town. 

Watch the music video below: