Jarina De Marco and Empress Of Release New Single “Vacío”

Written by: Vanessa Castelan

The electro-pop duo releases their awaited new single, Vacío. Jarina de Marco and Empress Of channel sentiments inspired by challenges of committing to a relationship when endowed by fear of intimacy in their ethereal Spanglish song. As many others have experienced and professed time and time again, vulnerability with a partner can be daunting and uncomfortable.

“The song is about working through the uncertainties and anxieties of a romantic relationship that is on the precipice of falling deeply in love. I was freaking out and I just had to give in and let go of control. Vacío is a fierce declaration of commitment to the unknown.”

-Jarina De Marco

In this declaration, Vacío comforts listeners with their electro-pop synths and airy vocals. Vacío reassures listeners that even though anxiety may arise, you must not be afraid to let love in.

Listen to Vacío below: