Interview with Earl Grey

Thanks for taking the time to hang out and talk. Can you guys introduce yourselves?

Earl Grey: My name is Marco Ascencio, I play bass and back-up vocals. Axel Sanchez and I play drums. Kevin Saudade, singer and I play rhythm guitar. Enrique Sotelo, and I play lead guitar.

Can you talk a bit about how you guys came to form Earl Grey? 

(Marco): I kind of brought everyone together. In the beginning, I had met everyone individually. I met Axel in 2011 and we use to be in this melodic hardcore band. Back then it was a technical deathcore band, whatever it was, but it was terrible. Then we did this beach punk music, and then it went into Earl Grey. So I’ve known him for a while. I played a gig with Enrique, I was not too into his band, but I loved him cause everything was weird but his melodies were pretty cool. Apparently, I knew him for a while. He would come to our shows, but I didn’t realize it. So, I posted if anyone wanted to join and he hit me up. It was cool; it felt like I already knew him so it wasn’t like playing with strangers. 

How was that transition from your previous bands to now with Earl Grey?

(Marco): In the beginning, I was a really stubborn kid. I wanted to play scene kid music, like Crown the Empire and Suicide Silence. Then because of Spotify, I got into bands like Surf Curse, and after that, I started realizing that I like music that sounds melodic, but really depressing or something. If you listen to us, we are happy, but the lyrics are really sad.

What would you classify your music genre?

(Axel): We are influenced by alternative sounds but also funk music. We do try to add that dance, funky groove to it. It’s a great feeling seeing people dance to our music. But I also want people to start head-banging, kind of like mosh, too.

(Marco): It’s kind of hard. We all have different influences. When we started created playing “Alone” I got influences from melodic bands like Moose Blood and the clap from Two Door Cinema Club, which are two completely different genres.

What is the creative process like? 

(Axel): There is usually a structure to it. Usually, it’s the guitar doing little riffs and we just jump on those riffs, and from there we add the vocals then throw the bass in. In the end, they usually just send them to me and I make the beat at the end. Once we come up into practice, we try to like switch stuff around.

(Marco): It’s safe to say that Kike (Enrique) and Kevin create the backbone, the chord progression, and after that, we go on it from there. It’s cool, we’ll come up with something and then we’ll write something and were just like “Oooh. Yeah”. Like, “Don’t Go” has a little ska beat, we didn’t really picture that, so the next day we added the skin to the skeleton. 

(Kevin): It wasn’t necessarily ska, I was just trying to play “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk before and that got me into doing the strumming and all that stuff. I just kind of messed around with that. 

How long was the writing process for “Wallflower”?

(Kevin): It was originally supposed to come out last December, but something had come up with the guy who recorded it, so we just told him to take his time. It didn’t really come out until April. It was a bummer but at least something came out. I’m just glad people fuck with it. Initially, it was supposed to be like a Demo saying “this is who we are”.

Where did the name come from? 

(Kevin): It’s for the people I tend to hang out with or spent time with, who usually don’t like to talk a lot. Wallflowers because they are always watching and observing how people are.

If you guys could collaborate with an LA artist, who would it be and why?

(Kike): Probably Boyo, Robert Tilden. Really cool guy. He started off playing like punk, garage music with his band called Bobby T. & The Slackers. It would be really cool to collaborate with him.

(Marco): Sophie Meyers or Jasper Bones would be cool, too!

What’s a favorite song from the EP you guys like to play?

(Kevin): I guess “Let Me Go” because it’s very upbeat and sometimes I speed it up really fast. I don’t intentionally do it; it just says like, “I am ready!”

What are some things coming up for Earl Grey?

(Marco): Better shows; better videos. Some covers and merch! 

To conclude our interview, what would you like to tell your fans?

(Marco): Just be nice and support your local artists!