LA-based Artist Harmless Returns With A Chillwave Single, ‘Hannah Don’t Lurk’

Written by: Vanessa Castelan

The Los Angeles-based artist, Harmless, releases ‘Hannah Don’t Lurk’ that is reminiscent of a late-night conversation on a summer night.

Harmless has garnered nearly nine hundred thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and is behind the popular song ‘Swing Lynn’. ‘Hannah Don’t Lurk’ brings some of the same qualities of their renowned track but with a lively twist. With their pleasant and soothing guitar riffs, Harmless takes us on a journey of acceptance of love unrequited.

‘Hannah Don’t Lurk’ details the gut-wrenching truth about romance. When your love isn’t reciprocated there is a hurt that lingers and makes you question your worth. This song is a comforting reminder that it’s okay to feel that way and that ‘not every romance has to work’. The dream-pop melodies deliver this message with the gentleness of that of a friend. 

Listen to the new single below: