Almas Fronterizas

“We represent a gray area so what better name to call the band than Almas Fronterizas. It’s souls that grew up on both sides of the border. We all know that the border is a fictitious line that was created by governments to separate people. At the end of the day, it’s all about the music, all about the love, and indigenous people rising up and playing music.”  – Karín Rodrigue

Members: Gilberto Rodriguez, Karín Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez, Issac Lopez, and Richard “Solido” Herrera.

In a brief interview after their show at the Zebulon in Los Angeles, Karín Rodriguez talked a bit about the new EP recently released, Rosa Tropical, and the importance of how the Bay Area help shape the sounds integrated in this EP. Rodriguez mentions that in The Mission they’ve met a ton of people, his people as he refers to as La Raza. At one point, him and his cousin Gilberto Rodriguez would busk to earn a few dollars in their guitar cases, but those experiences helped pave the way into their barrio sound of hybridized afro-indigenous Latin soul music. “We use to always run into a lot of dope ass congeros and musicians that would tell us stories playing with Santana, about seeing Jimmy Hendrix live”, he says. “Then they would vibe into our musical style, because we wouldn’t just play rock, you know, we would mix it in with different things. So, Rosa Tropical came really out of the neighborhood.”

The group looks forward to play in LA more, as this was their first show in Los Angeles as a whole group.  We look forward to hearing more of these guys, as 2018 seems to be a promising year from them.